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Kaleidoscope Web Design

Kaleidoscope Web Design specialise in bringing advanced web functionality to web users with no prior programming experience.

I specialise in developing web sites for small and medium business enterprises. I design and build bespoke web sites for public, private and commercial use. I also implement content management systems and e-commerce solutions.

Web Promotion

As my client, you can be confident that I will build you a web site which promotes your business in every possible way.

Web Standards

I specialise in creating accessible and standards compliant web-based content management and delivery systems.

Web Content

I install and configure server-software and applications which can be readily used by individuals and companies to manage their web content themselves.

Web Skills

Linux and Unix Administration, Web Design and Architecture, Software Administration and Software Management.

How Can I Help You?

Starting Out

If you are starting out, my internet knowledge and experience enables me to help you find the right service for your requirements. If you do not already have internet access I can arrange that for you with a choice of reputable and reliable providers. If you already have internet access I can make enquiries to confirm that your provider has the required services to enable you to host content management software.

Custom Designed and Developed Web Sites

I have the tools and expertise to create a site that will reflect you and your business. Web design is not just about making an attractive site - it is also about manageable content, functionality, advertising and promotion.

Web Site Re-Design

If you already have an existing site that needs updating, I will be more than happy to discuss your needs. Whether your site needs a face-lift or a complete redesign.

Domain Registration and Hosting

Domain registration is often confusing, I can assist by registering a domain for you, you can leave the domain with myself or I can register a domain on your behalf and arrange to have it transferred to your Internet Service Provider.


I will discuss all the options available to you and make sure you understand what is happening.

Web Based Email and Services

I offer advanced web based email functionality which allows you to access email from any computer anywhere in the world, not only do you have the advantage of ease of use but you get to use your personal address with your domain.

Search Engines and Web Site Optimisation

My web site designs focus strongly on search engine optimisation. I will also register your site with any suitable free internet directory for extra promotion. I will also inform you of any paying directories which I feel may benefit you.

Web Site and Database Integration

I will design, develop and integrate your database enabled web site along with any application software which will enable you to update your site with new products, adjust prices and information, all from your own PC at your own convenience.

Managed Web Sites

I am happy to maintain and update your web site for you if you prefer to focus on what you do best although I specialise in building sites which make it easier for you to maintain and update.

e pluribus linux

if you require a Unix or Linux Administrator, if you are interested in having other CGI scripts set up for you , if you require a Web Architect to build your Web Server or Web Application. I focus on Server Administration (Linux Unix and Java) and have exposure to building web sites and web applications using Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP, and open source software. .

If you are interested in hiring me or working with me, please contact me.

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