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Specialist Skills

I have been in the IT industry since 1991 and have acquired a broad range of skills. Together with my experience working for large corporations and my ability to communicate at all level with staff and management I am able to offer your business sound, professional advice. I am also in a position to source the right skills for your organisation. If you are looking for a hands-on consultant I offer my services at a daily rate, please enquire.

Linux and Unix Administration

Sun, Sequent, Digital Unix, Redhat Linux, Fedora, SuSE and Debian.
Web Solutions and Administration

BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Apache, Interactive Web applications and products.

Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions have maturing for the past 10 years or more. Open source products are readily available on the internet. Governments, businesses and corporations are beginning to embrace the advantages offered by consultants.

Linux Administration I am a Unix Administrator with experience in Linux since 1994. I have worked in large corporations worldwide. I offer Linux and Unix consultation and am able to provide your company with a high degree of services and skills supporting your existing environments.

Linux and Open Source can provide your company or school with extensive cost savings as well as ease of use and functionality which is often unrivalled by other proprietary and closed operating systems. I am able to provide your organisation with the knowledge and resources which will make the transition to Linux Open Source environments smooth and safe. In a world of hype I am able to provide you with sound, realistic expectations.

My preferred versions of Linux are Debian, (Redhat & Fedora 4) and SuSE, recently acquired by Novelle. I continue to maintain an awareness in other distributions of Linux including Ubantu, DSL (Dam Small Linux) and Slackware.

I have experience in SVR4 (System 5 Revision 4) Unix, True 64 Unix, Dell Unix (ancient), Sequent Symmetry (Dynux). If you are looking for an experienced Systems Administrator and Linux Consultant with strong Linux and Unix skills please contact me. I offer support and administration for ad hoc projects based on single incidents. I also offer large businesses/enterprises and schools managed services including Open Source implementation, Linux administration and outsourcing of Linux server and network management.

Technology in the home and school
Linux and Open source software continue to improve exponentially and are both suitable alternatives to commercial offerings. If you are looking for ease of use, low startup and maintenence costs then Linux open source is probably a solution you should give careful consideration to.

Schools and Education Centres in particular can utilise Linux to provide significant cost savings and productivity advantages.




Linux - The way ahead

Linux offer significant advantages in the home. While I am not in a business of commercially supporting home Linux systems I remain an advocate of Linux in the home. It is clearly a more stable, affordable and reliable solution to current proprietary offerings. It continues to annoy me however, when I hear of Linux systems installed on low grade, often inferior, hardware. My personal view is that if you are prepared to provide quality hardware to an operating system which costs, you ought to be equally willing to provide quality hardware for an operating system which is free, sustainable and very secure.

In times past the argument was Linux and Unix would never, could never present itself on the desktop. Recent distributions of Linux have proved this argument to be wrong. Vanilla versions of the top five distributions offer video editing, TV tuning, photo editing, DVD viewing, mail, web design, multi-media and a raft of high quality education tools, amusements and games.


Point of sale solutions are a clear example where Linux excels over competitor solutions, a scenario which is well catered for.

There are a range of Linux solutions which can be relatively easily implemented, offering significant cost savings and ease of use advantages. Point of sale hardware is more readily available and are prime candidates for Linux delivered solutions. If you are interested in finding out more about point of sale software please contact me.

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